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farsoon 3d printer f1001p

Our major supplier of 3D printing machines Farsoon are proud to announce the release of the F1001P as part of their CAMS ( Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution) range of machinery. Farsoon are China’s leading supplier of 3D printing machines and are fast becoming a global force in the 3D printing industry.

Dr. Xu Xiaoshu Farsoon’s founder has often lamented that the future of 3D printing is in manufacturing and not just rapid prototyping. Farsoon’s global development group director also sees the future of 3D printing  as full scale manufacturing and explains:

“The basic idea of the CAMS system is to deliver an industrial-focused system, really looking at moving additive into the industrial manufacturing realm. To achieve this, we need to greatly increase throughput both in matters of speed and productivity, while at the same time looking at how to really create a value proposition for the customer in terms of the system and materials. From our side, I think this really ties into Farsoon’s whole concept from the beginning that we want to have open systems, more accessible systems and a very open type of business model.”

The F1001P is a modular 3D printing system with a large build platform that comprises a loading station, build station, cooling station and part breakdown station eliminating downtime between builds. Multiple machines can be connected creating a 3D printing factory environment that can expand vertical and horizontally maximising factory floor space.

Parts can be transported, inspected, sorted and finished in an efficient production work flow that also includes tracking.

Farsoon sees their CAMS model of operation improving to the point of manufacturing not just production parts but ready to use products.

If you want more information regarding  the the f1001p then contact Doug Baird (General Manager) 0400 579 319 or email directly

Please watch the video below to see the f1001p in action.