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3D Scan Egyptian Coffin

The ABC 7:30 Report recently aired a story that involved WYSIWYG 3D Scanning who were commissioned to scan the remains in side of an ancient Egyptian coffin.

Watch the full TV story here:

When archeologists from Sydney University decided to lift the lid of an ancient Egyptian coffin they made a startling find. The coffin from the 6th century BC had been part of the
university’s collection for more than 150 years. This coffin was carved at the end of the Egyptian Empire more than two and a half thousand years ago but it’s what’s inside that’s intriguing modern-day archaeologists.

The remains inside the coffin we don’t know really anything about and so we’re about to start a really detailed project to scientifically investigate these remains in the coffin and asked a whole bunch of questions. Until last year no one realized that it was full of human remains as the coffin languished within the sandstone walls of Sydney University for
more than 150 years.

The latest modern technology is being used to try to solve this ancient mystery the first step is to laser image the coffin and its contents to create a high-resolution 3d model.

As Shane Rolton explained “We have an archival record of the current situation and configuration of every little piece in the coffin before it’s disturbed.”

It’s extremely rare that mummies are investigated like this as archeologists usually consider it unethical to disturb human remains but these artefacts are in desperate need of preservation. There’s months and maybe years of further analysis to try to definitively identify these remains and fully comprehend all of the bits of information. The next step is to sift through the remains and painstakingly record and review every piece of artefact.

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