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Pro Z 3D Solutions was founded in 2013 by Paul Griffiths, Shane Rolton and Ben Tam who have over 40 years experience providing 3D technology solutions for applications in a diverse range of industries. The over arching goal for Pro Z 3D Solutions is to provide a cost effective, easily accessible 3D printing solution for business, retail and education using the most advanced technology available.

shane roulton


Shane and his company WYSIWYG 3D is Australasia's leading 3D scanning service provider and supplier of 3D scanning software and scanners. With over 19 years experience and servicing a diverse range of clients worldwide Shane brings a wealth of experience to Pro Z 3D Solutions team.
ben tam


Ben is an Industrial Designer and has used 3D scanners and 3D printers since 1999 and is a director at Qubic. He has applied these technologies across a wide range of areas including manufacturing, biomedical engineering, archaeology and design. Ben also lectures on 3D scanners and printers at universities, providing the next generation of professionals with the information they need to effectively evaluate those technologies.