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Aerospace Applications


Engine and turbine parts as well as cabin interior components are typical applications for industrial 3D printing. Functional components with complex geometries and defined aerodynamic properties can be manufactured quickly and cost-effectively. There are also material and weight savings allowing for lower fuel consumption.

Support Structures

3d printed support structures
  • First aluminum alloy part using 3D printing: structure support
  • 35% of reduction on weight and 40% increase on hardness
  • RUAG Space from Sweden
  • SLM process
  • Provide realisable parts for satellites including antenna and dispatch system

Cabin Interiors

3d printed cabin interior
  • AIRBUS A380
  • Customized decoration for first class cabin
  • SLS process
  • Around 300 different types and more than 20,000 3D printing parts used on Boeing aircrafts
  • Low efficiency and high cost for traditional process
  • SLS improves production rate while lower costs


3d printed rocket engines parts
  • NASA
  • Most complicated 3D printing rocket engine part: turbo pump
  • 45% reduction on material
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Company under GenCorp
  • Single pulse main fuel spray nozzle of AR1 rocket engine made by SLM process
  • French Turbomeca: manufacturer of J-2X rocket engine
  • vent cap of engine made by SLM process