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3D Printing Cultural Museum, Shanghai

3d Printing Museum Shanghai

Around a month ago Doug Baird was in Shanghai for the Farsoon Global Partners Summit and was also visiting the TCT Asia Pacific 2018 trade exhibition. While in Shanghai Doug also visited the 3D Printing Cultural Museum in Baoshan dedicated to the history and future of the 3D printing industry in China spread across a large 6 floor building. China is sending a clear message that it’s taking its national 3D printing culture very seriously.

There are nine functional spaces housed in the museum serving as an historical and cultural education and provide specialised cultural experience. The 3D Printing Cultural Museum displays a vast collection of 3D printing technology from various fields of design and application. Metal works of art making use of selective laser melting (SLM) can be viewed alongside 3D printed nylon furniture, 3D printed ceramics, and dazzling 3D printed jewellery in all shapes and sizes.

The museum from the entrance through to the cafe has the wow factor and includes samples of 3D printing from science, technology, and design. Any one curious about 3D printing should visit the museum as China is investing heavily in the 3d printing industry and its a great lesson and example of the integration between culture and industry within China today.

Farsoon Global Partner Summit

farsoon global summit

Doug Baird recently attended the Farsoon Global Partner Summit meeting with other Farsoon suppliers from around the world in Shanghai. There is exciting news with Farsoon developing new partnerships across the globe.

Farsoon has established a number of partnerships in the industry since 2015 including long-term partner Laser Sinter Service (LSS) in Germany, chemical giant, BASF which led to the development of its PA6 material, and Prodways resulting in the launch of a new machine brand, Prodways powered by Farsoon. It’s also one of only two labs in China to receive the National Additive Manufacturing Laboratory status, which allows the company to tap into resources and collaborate with other research groups within the sector.

Farsoon Technologies has also begun direct sales, training, integration, and support operations in North America with the opening of our Sales and Support office located in Round Rock, Texas, suburb of Austin and the birthplace of Selective Laser Sintering. Farsoon Technologies determined quickly that having US based operations was key to the continued growth and executional strategies in this new age of Advanced Digital MFG solutions.

A new collaboration between Swiss listed technology group Oerlikon (SWX:OERL) and industrial 3D printing solutions company Farsoon Technologies is seeking to increase adoption of additive manufacturing in China. Under the terms of the agreement, Oerlikon will become the primary metal powder supplier and global partner for Farsoon 3D printers, delivering a convenient material and hardware solution to customers.

Farsoon is now the number one SLS seller in China and the number two SLS seller globally with a 60% increase in growth in 2017. With the only “open system”, meaning you can print using other suppliers materials,  and the manufacturing the largest SLS 3D printing machine in the world (HT1000), with 60 engineers in R & D and over 300 employees Farsoon are a global 3D printing leader.

Proz3D Solutions are the distributor of the Farsoon technologies across Australia & New Zealand.

3D Scan Egyptian Coffin

Egyptian Coffin 3D scan

The ABC 7:30 Report recently aired a story that involved WYSIWYG 3D Scanning who were commissioned to scan the remains in side of an ancient Egyptian coffin.

Watch the full TV story here:

When archeologists from Sydney University decided to lift the lid of an ancient Egyptian coffin they made a startling find. The coffin from the 6th century BC had been part of the
university’s collection for more than 150 years. This coffin was carved at the end of the Egyptian Empire more than two and a half thousand years ago but it’s what’s inside that’s intriguing modern-day archaeologists.

The remains inside the coffin we don’t know really anything about and so we’re about to start a really detailed project to scientifically investigate these remains in the coffin and asked a whole bunch of questions. Until last year no one realized that it was full of human remains as the coffin languished within the sandstone walls of Sydney University for
more than 150 years.

The latest modern technology is being used to try to solve this ancient mystery the first step is to laser image the coffin and its contents to create a high-resolution 3d model.

As Shane Rolton explained “We have an archival record of the current situation and configuration of every little piece in the coffin before it’s disturbed.”

It’s extremely rare that mummies are investigated like this as archeologists usually consider it unethical to disturb human remains but these artefacts are in desperate need of preservation. There’s months and maybe years of further analysis to try to definitively identify these remains and fully comprehend all of the bits of information. The next step is to sift through the remains and painstakingly record and review every piece of artefact.

At Proz3D Solutions we can help you with all your 3D scanning requirements even if it’s from ancient Egypt.

Contact Doug Baird For more information on our 3D scanning services Ph: +61 2 9045 3525

TCT ASIA – 3D Printing Trade Show

tct asia 2018

TCT Asia 2018 is the leading 3D printing trade show in the world. TCT Asia is in its fourth year and has quickly become one of Asia’s premier 3D technology events for the design, development and manufacturing communities.

Doug Baird was lucky enough to visit TCT and was wowed by the latest technology that has yet to hit the Australian and New Zealand shores. Many of the companies with newer technologies use TCT Asia to launch new products and introduce new printing materials.

“I found the latest technologies astounding and complex across a broad range industry applications. In medical and engineering the development is growing at a rapid rate whether its 3D printing machinery or 3D printing materials.

It was great to also catch up with our suppliers Farsoon and Prismlab.  Farsoon announced that Oerlikon has signed a long-term collaboration agreement with Farsoon Technologies to supply qualified AM metal powders for the Chinese firm’s additive manufacturing (AM) systems. Oerlikon will work with Farsoon to develop customised alloys for their AM systems in order to accelerate the adoption of AM in industries such as aerospace, power generation, tooling and automotive. Farsoon also revealed that they will be opening a subsidiary in Germany. Prismlab announced there were extended their partnerships in India.

Another interesting part of the exhibition was the list of speakers from various industries that went through updates and advances within their industry. 

It was an exciting exhibition and well worth the visit as it is part of our mission here at Proz3D solutions to keep Australia in the loop with the major advances happening across the globe in the 3D printing industry.”

Contact Doug Baird if you want more information on the latest technologies being released world wide and remember that Proz3D Solutions provides 3D printing & 3D printers as well as software and scanning products and services covering all areas of 3D printing.

Steve Waugh Foundation

steve waugh

Pro Z 3D Solution were proud to be involved in the latest fund raising initiative through the Steve Waugh Foundation. The Steve Waugh Foundation raises funds for children with rare diseases (approximately 6,000 – 8,000 rare diseases affecting 400,000 Australian children) through their Captain’s Ride an internationally attended by invitation only, exclusive 6 day on road cycle tour.

This time around the Captain’s Ride was held in Tasmania with Steve Waugh and 75 riders including Olympic greats Daley Thompson and Shane Gould, AFL legends Adam Goodes & Danny Frawley and sporting superstars John Mclean & Michael Milton.

We were commissioned to print 3d figurines of the drawings of the cyclists created by some of the children that received help from the foundation. These figurines were used in advertising material for raising funds for the Captain’s Ride.

The challenge was to print the figurines so they would accurately represent the children’s 2D sketches with a 3D model. The figurines were printed on our full colour Project660 3D printer.

Polymer Laser Sintering

farsoon 3d printer f1001p

Our major supplier of 3D printing machines Farsoon are proud to announce the release of the F1001P as part of their CAMS ( Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution) range of machinery. Farsoon are China’s leading supplier of 3D printing machines and are fast becoming a global force in the 3D printing industry.

Dr. Xu Xiaoshu Farsoon’s founder has often lamented that the future of 3D printing is in manufacturing and not just rapid prototyping. Farsoon’s global development group director also sees the future of 3D printing  as full scale manufacturing and explains:

“The basic idea of the CAMS system is to deliver an industrial-focused system, really looking at moving additive into the industrial manufacturing realm. To achieve this, we need to greatly increase throughput both in matters of speed and productivity, while at the same time looking at how to really create a value proposition for the customer in terms of the system and materials. From our side, I think this really ties into Farsoon’s whole concept from the beginning that we want to have open systems, more accessible systems and a very open type of business model.”

The F1001P is a modular 3D printing system with a large build platform that comprises a loading station, build station, cooling station and part breakdown station eliminating downtime between builds. Multiple machines can be connected creating a 3D printing factory environment that can expand vertical and horizontally maximising factory floor space.

Parts can be transported, inspected, sorted and finished in an efficient production work flow that also includes tracking.

Farsoon sees their CAMS model of operation improving to the point of manufacturing not just production parts but ready to use products.

If you want more information regarding  the the f1001p then contact Doug Baird (General Manager) 0400 579 319 or email directly

Please watch the video below to see the f1001p in action.

AMTIL Conference

amtil conference 2017

Pro Z 3D Solutions and our sister company WYSIWYG (3D Scanning) were excited to attend AMTIL’s one day National Conference, Manufacturing’s Future in a Digital Age at the Leonda by the Yarra conference centre.

As quoted from their website “Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) is the peak national body, based in Melbourne Australia, that represents the interests of manufacturing technology suppliers and users within the precision engineering and advanced manufacturing sector. Whether you are a manufacturer, importer or distributor, or a general manufacturing technology company, AMTIL has a range of services to help you and your business to connect, be informed and grow.” Go to their website to find out more.

Attending the conference were leaders in manufacturing from around Australia including:Mrs Brigitte Stavar – CEO of Sheetmetal Machinery Australia and AMTIL Board Member

Mr Brad Howarth – respected authority on Technology, Marketing and Digital Media
Presentation: Navigating to a Digital Future

Mr David Chuter – Managing Director and CEO, IMCRC
Presentation: Industry 4.0 – Australian Industry Uptake

Dr Steve Dowey – Sutton Tools Technology Manager and RMIT Senior Research Fellow
Presentation: The Smart-Enough Factory: Realising a Low Cost IoT Solution For Factory Visualisation

Dr Nico Adams – IMCRC Program Lead for Digital Transformation, Senior Research Scientist and formerly product manager in CSIRO’s Data61 business unit.
Presentation: Industry 4.0. State of the Sector, Opportunities and How to Get Started.

Mr Richard Elving – Territory Sales Manager MFG, Autodesk
Presentation: Why the future of makings in Manufacturing is NOW

Mr Gavin Smith, President & Chairman of Robert Bosch Australia
Presentation: From Things, to the Internet of Things; implications of the Industrial Internet

We were exhibitors at the conference representing 3D printing and 3D scanning and it was great to network with the leaders in industry. 3D printing is great for rapid prototyping, reverse engineering older parts and low volume reproduction – a great resource to the manufacturing industry.