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TCT ASIA – 3D Printing Trade Show

TCT Asia 2018 is the leading 3D printing trade show in the world. TCT Asia is in its fourth year and has quickly become one of Asia’s premier 3D technology events for the design, development and manufacturing communities.

Doug Baird was lucky enough to visit TCT and was wowed by the latest technology that has yet to hit the Australian and New Zealand shores. Many of the companies with newer technologies use TCT Asia to launch new products and introduce new printing materials.

“I found the latest technologies astounding and complex across a broad range industry applications. In medical and engineering the development is growing at a rapid rate whether its 3D printing machinery or 3D printing materials.

It was great to also catch up with our suppliers Farsoon and Prismlab.  Farsoon announced that Oerlikon has signed a long-term collaboration agreement with Farsoon Technologies to supply qualified AM metal powders for the Chinese firm’s additive manufacturing (AM) systems. Oerlikon will work with Farsoon to develop customised alloys for their AM systems in order to accelerate the adoption of AM in industries such as aerospace, power generation, tooling and automotive. Farsoon also revealed that they will be opening a subsidiary in Germany. Prismlab announced there were extended their partnerships in India.

Another interesting part of the exhibition was the list of speakers from various industries that went through updates and advances within their industry. 

It was an exciting exhibition and well worth the visit as it is part of our mission here at Proz3D solutions to keep Australia in the loop with the major advances happening across the globe in the 3D printing industry.”

Contact Doug Baird if you want more information on the latest technologies being released world wide and remember that Proz3D Solutions provides 3D printing & 3D printers as well as software and scanning products and services covering all areas of 3D printing.